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Use of RoyalCert Logo

1. Royalcert Logo can only be used by companies certified by RoyalCert.

2. The companies certified by Royalcert have to use the logo in accordance with accreditation rules (ISO/IEC 17021, Rules of Acreditation Organization). Instructions regarding use of Logo and Certificate of relevant accreditation organizations will be delivered to companies gained the right to be certified.

3. Royalcert Logo and certificate shouldn’t be used in the sections, connected organs or association which has not been indicated in certificate’s scope.


  • Shouldn’t be used like product certificate,
  • doesn’t have to be used on product (Product can be in a packet or can that they can be touched directly)
  • can be used on external package made by cardboard or any materials like that and it can be used with any any statement indicating that certificate regard management system not product . (For example; That product is produced by a company certified according to ISO 9001 standard)
  • can be used on issues being advertisment instruments, formal documents or introduction brochures of company .

5. The Rules regarding using of Royalcert Logo are indicated below ;

*a. Product can be physical, tangible or in a packet or box. It can be test/analysis report for test/analysis
*b. it can be external package made by cardboard and any material that it doesn’t attain the end user .
*c. A clear statement like “ That product is produced by a company certified according to QMS ISO 9001 standard” should be indicated.
*d. It can be used provided that the rules are obey ed.

6. Royalcert Logo can be used like indicated at web site (www.royalcert.com) in colors, shapes, dimensions (as rational) and on white fon .

7. Royalcert Logo can be used by being received approval from Directorship of System Certification. It shouldn’t be used that it’ll cause a wrong informing about status of certification.

8. A detailed Information about using of accreditation logos can be taken http://www.dakks.de/en/doc_engl_general . (Rules for accredited conformity assessment bodies on the use of the accreditation certificate and the accreditation symbol of the Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH, Document number: 83-SD-003)

9. The companies deserving certificates can use the bland of DAkkS Accreditaion if the certificate is included in any accreditation, on materials of stationary, advertisement, introduction or etc.

10. The terms of introduction’s materials include the notes, labels, documents and written declarations on products, goods except products produced under activity of an accreditate product certification

11. The brand of DAkkS Accreditaion doesn’t have to be used on vehicles

12. The brand of DAkkS Accreditaion doesn’t have to be used on flags or buildings

13. Royalcert Logo will ve sent as mail attachment to regarding companies if they demand it. In addition, Royalcert Logo can be assured thourgh Royalcert’s web site .

14. Companies certified can use Royalcert’s Logo for activity areas in certification’s scope. Royalcert Logo can’t be used like product certificate or in activity areasof company being except certificate’s scope .
When the statement of scope is decreased, company should change all advirtisment activities according to changing scope.

15. Company have to stop to use of logo in event of expiring of certificate, cancelling or withdrawing of certification contract .

16. Companies certified are obligated to implement necessities of this instruction as long as the validity of certificate continue .

17. When Royalcert demand to take information about where the certificates and brands are used in then the company certified by Royalcert is obligated to give information and show it.

18. Royalcert and Accreditation Logos don’t have to stand in the forefront of certified company’s logo

19. The certificates are suspened or the contracts are cancelled when companies don’t fulfill the conditions indicated in this instruction

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Size of RoyalCert Logos

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