Impartiality Policy

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Impartiality Policy

The top management and the shareholders of RoyalCert International Registrars GmbH manifest on the reliability of impartiality that;

RoyalCert International Registrars GmbH is committed to fulfill the following declarations;

The certification activities will be carried out independently and independently of the interests of agencies or persons, based on objective evidence.
will provide its services without commercial and financial pressure, which can affect the results of the certification process,
will not affect the decision-making process of certification,
will ensure that the audit team can not simultaneously issue a certification decision,
will avoid the behavior of its employees against clients, which negatively impact the reputation of its employees, organizations and certification requirements.
will not submit any subjective comments and evaluations in the certification audit, act impartially and independently.
will ensure that the certification decisions are made without any pressure on the complaints to be treated independently and without financial advantages,
and the shareholders of RoyalCert as well as the employees of RoyalCert will not carry out any consulting activities and will not advise their clients
will not contact other certification bodies during the certification process.
will pass on the customer information to third parties without their written consent
will treat all information, documentation and records of its clients confidentially and ensure the secure control of these documents,

RoyalCert International Registrars
Management Board