Second Party Audits

Transport Inspection

Build a strong Second-Party supplier audit process with RoyalCert!

Quality is an important part of the supply chain, whether checking quality as raw materials and parts enter the factory, quality inspections during the manufacturing process, or quality checks before goods are shipped to the customer.

The quality of raw materials and parts used in manufacturing makes a difference to the finished products sold to customers. By ensuring that purchased materials and parts are of a specific quality as defined by development, manufacturing, or quality departments, your purchasing department helps to maintain the quality of finished goods.

Critical suppliers must be “controlled” to ensure these subcontractors’ processes meet relevant standards and regulations. This is a requirement of the ISO 9000 series, cGMPs, and other standards, as well as simply good business.

Our experienced auditors will verify that your suppliers are meeting requirements. Additionally, we can work with you to create a supplier development program that supports your suppliers’ corrective action and process improvement efforts.

Tariff classification
Import eligibility
Export market price and/or valuation for customs purposes

Manage your suppliers with greater confidence:

Identify strengths, weaknesses, nonconformities, and opportunities for improvement.
Ensure your suppliers consistently comply with the requirements specified in supplier agreements as well as any relevant standards or regulations.
Increase operational efficiency and save money.
Improve organizational processes and quality at the root (supplier) level, to avoid addressing the same issues multiple times.

Benefits With Second-Party supply chain audits:

Validate the strength of your supply chain against requirements
Assure that suppliers’ goods and services are compliant with all requirements
Minimize the risk of product failures, product recalls, and other compliance issues
Reduce the risk of your company’s liability with documented safety standards
Protect the reputation of your organization.

Second-Party Audit Steps:

To develop a strategy for supply chain audits
To provide a proposal to conduct Second-Party audits, outlining the process and cost
To perform Audits carried are out and reported
To review audit results and follow-up actions with supplier

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