Special Audits

Hotel Inspection

Special Audits

Certification refers to the confirmation of certain characteristics of a product, person, or system. This confirmation is often, but not always, provided by some form of external review, education, assessment, or audit.

RoyalCert offers a wide range of benefits with special projects and assessments to evaluate your system according to your sector needs and improvements. Some of our special audits are;

School Safety,
Sports Safety,
Hotel Audits,
Green Building Audits

Steps of Special Projects

Analyzing needs
Benchmarking with similar project and searching for requirements
Developing the project details
Creating project documents and assigning the project team
Planning of the project
Implementation of the project
Follow-up Action

Benefits of RoyalCert Special Audits

RESULTS via current report depending on objective findings
RISE on safety precautions
FULL APPLICATION of related legal requirements or international standards
MINIMIZING and managing risks
PR datas for promotional activities
MOTIVATION for the staff and related parties
STRONG IMAGE with the reliability of a third party brand

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