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RoyalCert International Registrars takes the security and privacy of its contacts about which they hold information seriously. The purpose of this policy is to describe to you the information we may hold about you, explain what we use it for, and explain your rights in relation to it.

In addition to the security of all business data, the protection of your privacy when personal data is processed is also an important concern for us, which we take fully into consideration in our business processes. It is also important to us that you are at all times aware of when we store data and how we use this data.

We regard the protection of your personal data – such as your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address – and the responsible use of the information you entrust to us as especially important. This also includes data that accumulates in the background when you use the Internet.

If you are asked to give your personal details on individual web sites you will be informed of the intended purpose and, if necessary, you will be asked to give your consent.

RoyalCert guarantees that your details will be treated confidentially in accordance with the applicable German data protection provisions.

Your visit to the RoyalCert website / use of the data

Your visits to our web pages are also covered by data protection legislation. Our web servers store the name of your Internet service provider, the web page from which you visit us, the web pages you visit on our website as well as the date and duration of your visit. When you visit one of our web pages, RoyalCert receives service data, which are stored. Service data is analyzed for statistical purposes. The regular analysis of access statistics in relation to our web pages shows the temporal development of visitor resonance as well as the varying degrees of success of different offers on our website. It is, among other things, the basis on which we manage the development of our website.

Service data is not disclosed to third persons for either commercial or non-commercial purposes.


Cookies are small pieces of information that are stored by your browser on your computer’s hard drive. We use cookies to identify registered users automatically when they log on and also to track users as they travel through the system. You can set up your browser to reject cookies but you should be aware that this could limit your ability to use certain features on our site.

If you have any questions or suggestions concerning data protection or the processing of your personal data by RoyalCert, you may contact our Head Office.

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